VFR/SVFR at Night

This issue has been the subject of a number of documents over the last few years. We include some of the history here in case you find one of the outdated notices!

Safety Notice SN-2012/012 gave notice of the exemption from the Rules of the Air Regulations 2007 to allow aircraft to fly in accordance with VFR at night in the UK from midday on 17 September 2012. This document was cancelled in Feb 2015, following the promulgation of ORS4 No. 1066 in December 2014. (Note that the permissions established in SN-2012/012 were not cancelled, it was just the document itself that was cancelled as it was superseded by ORS4 No. 1066.) ORS4 number 1066 was then superseded by ORS4 Number 1125.

This latest document specifies general permissions under the Standardised European Rules of the Air (SERA) to allow flights to be conducted in the United Kingdom in accordance with the Visual Flight Rules at night under conditions laid out in Section 3, and it permits special VFR flight within a control zone at night (Section 4).

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Atmospheric Picture

FL45, English Channel.