The new EASA database

On the 1st September 2013 the PPL examination syllabus was completely revised.  You can find out more about why this happened on the CAA Website and you can also watch a  video of Ray Elgy (Head of Licensing and Training Standards at the CAA) talking about the changes.

Summary of changes

Under the new exam schedule the number of exam papers sat by a student will increase from seven to nine. This increase is to accommodate new regulations from the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) which require students to undertake at least 100 hours of theoretical knowledge training, including a certain element of formal classroom work as well as other interactive forms of training. Each exam will feature between 16 and 20 questions, with a pass mark of 75 per cent.  

Essentially, the new papers are: Operational Procedures and Principles of Flight.  Note that these are not new subjects for study purposes - they were previously contained in other examinations but they have now been separated out to become examinations in their own right.


What did we do at AirQuiz about this?

In the months preceding the change date we worked on a major update to our database to restructure the examination questions in the light of the EASA standards described in AMC1.  On 15 September 2013 we decommissioned the existing AirQuiz site and launched the new EASA site at the same web address.  At the same time we completely replaced the user interface.  This also added new features (such as instant scoring) asked for by our subscribers.

Key information & frequently asked questions:

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